(...especially with these new, lower prices and better framing!)

New Pomm Framed Prints
from $275.00

"Courtyard Romance"
Milieu Edition

Yes. It is really true.
New Pomm Framed Prints from $275.00!

  • Courtyard Romance

  • Lavender Cottage

  • Romance

  • Morning In Provence

  • The Winery

  • Free Spirit

  • Above it All

  • Bienvenue

  • Little Fishermen

  • Far & Away

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Lavender Cottage The Winery
Free Spirit Above it All Far & Away Little Fishermen
Romance Morning In Provence Bienvenue
Framed Size: approx 22 x 24 for $275.00
Many more available, please call for more Information.

These are the New Milieu Edition prints. (Milieu means "medium".) Just a little smaller than the original editions. The Milieu Editions are a much more wall-friendly size so it's much easier to find a place in a room to display it. A simple, but gorgeous interior enhancement that will be appreciated for generations. At these new prices, you can brighten up several rooms the way only Pomm can do.
Your home will have a new, warm glow for the holidays!

We are also releasing some previously "SOLD OUT" Prints in the Milieu Editions while quantities please call to find out what is still available.
(E-mail Discounts do not apply.)


Studio Special

"Lavender Cottage"
Milieu Edition
(smaller & larger sizes available)



a gift in january

The Story of "A Gift In January"

Christmas is over.
New Years is over.

I breathe a sigh of relief as it's time to re-group and start a new year fresh with hope and dreams that will really happen this a wonderful secret admirer that actually thinks I'm the most important and special person in the world.

I've got to go outside to sweep up the pine needles and, smell the fresh winter air.

I open the door and , there is the most incredible rose bush in front of my house on the porch with the price tag still on it, with a note on it that says,

"You are the most important and special person in the world to me. I don't need a special occasion or  a holiday to show you how much you mean to me, you deserve a gift every month of the year.

                       Love, Your Secret Admirer"

As tears stream down my face, I feel like my new years hopes and dreams have come to life. I have no idea who left this for me, but it sure makes me feel hopeful about my future.



The secret admirer in "A Gift In January" can be who ever you want it to be; your husband, boyfriend, best friend, sister, brother, boss, son or daughter, teacher, etc.

Let your Imagination guide you to your Secret Admirer, or maybe you can be a secret admirer for someone else.

"A Gift In January"

Also available in Milieu Edition for $175.00

OPEN STUDIO any day or evening!
Please call for an appointment.

Pomm has been very busy painting new oils, and we wish we could show them to you...

But the last 10 oils are already sold!!

As soon as each was done, there would be someone who arrived at an Open House appointment who just had to have it.

1 for 1, these were sold to the first person who saw the new painting.

Please make an appointment.

Perhaps you can see one of these new masterpieces before it is gone!

Visit the on-line Oil Originals Gallery.

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